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Texas Children’s Hospital Maternal Fetal Medicine Program for Multiples:



Other Helpful Links:


  • Types of Twins — A twinning chart that explains the difference between mono-zygotic (identical) and di-zygotic (fraternal) twins. 

  • Early Childhood Intervention — For children 0-3 years with developmental delays. 

  • La Leche League of Texas — Support for breast feeding mothers. Houston area help line: 713-383-2819 

  • Cord Blood Banking - Protect your family with cord blood. 888-780-2885

  • Sidelines — Support for women experiencing high-risk pregnancies. Local number: 281-856-2031 

  • Twins Magazine — Bi-monthly parenting magazine providing advice and real life stories regarding multiple children – published since 1984. Targeted specifically to parents of twins, triplets and higher order multiples from prenatal to age 5. 

  • Twin Stuff - A great resource for families with multiples, including chat boards, shopping links and other goodies.

  • Preemie Twins - A site dedicated to supporting families with premature babies.

  • Stuff for Multiples  - A site for families with multiples.

  • Texas Children’s Parent Advice Line — It is not an emergency line, but a free information line that provides medical advice 24 hours a day on a wide variety of topics, including pediatric illnesses and injuries, general health and wellness and behavior related problems. Local number: 832-824-1777 

  • Texas Children's Blog

  • WIC: (Women, Infants, and Children) — Nutrition assistance for new moms, breast feeding moms, & pregnant women. 1-800-942-3678 (for qualifications). 

  • Multiple Birth Resources - Woman's Hospital of Texas

  • Poison Control — Call 1-800-POISON1 or 1-800-764-7661 

  • The Triplet Connection provides much needed information for parents expecting triplets or more. 

  • CLIMB – Center for Loss in Multiple Birth, Inc.- Resource for loss of twin or multiples. 

  • H.A.N.D. – Houston’s Aid in Neonatal Death – Houston area based pregnancy and infant loss support group. 

  • NWHMOM Twin Library Recommendations. 


National, State, and Local Groups:


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